Castle experience in Murska Sobota

Embark on discovering the castle secrets and the past of the town in the heart of Pomurje. Discover the most northeastern part of Slovenia by bike and get to know the region in a different innovative way, with the help of new technologies. Spend the night as a count, in one of the castle rooms of a mansion with horses.

The package includes:

  • tasting of Prekmurje delicacies from boutique providers upon arrival,
  • 2 nights (for 2 Persons) in a castle room 4* with breakfast in the mansion,
  • visit to the Expano pavilion by Soboško Lake with the entrance to the interactive adventure park,
  • city tour with a local guide.


Number of nights: 2

Number of persons: 2


Information and reservations:

+386 2 534 11 30


Family and pet friendly accommodation offers: free parking, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi

For an extra charge: culinary experience in the Prekmurje ham shop; exclusive carriage ride; a boat ride on the Mura River, water sports on the lake, wine and beer tasting.

Bakovska ulica 41, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

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