“Divers sunlit land of Radenci-Kapela vineyards graciously gives champagne of golden bubbles, gift out of the deepest springs of Pannonian lowland that quenches your thirst and heals, natural pumpkin seed oil traditionally enriches authentic dishes in Pomurje culinary.”

  • Experience unforgettable Pomurje adventure in Expano pavilion and motoric park by Sobota lake,
  • Meet Prekmurje culinary and wines in Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot and sights in Murska Sobota though a lovely walk,
  • Let bubbles of mineral water surprise you from natural Iron spring,
  • Take a look at Prekmurje oil-extraction plant and get to know how pumpkin seed oil is made while trying it on a piece of homemade bread,
  • Taste great wines and champagne in Gornja Radgona and visit Špital museum.

Send us your request and we will prepare and offer according to your wishes.

Slovenska ulica 41, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

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