Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot

The building which houses the Tourist Information Center and a little boutique shop Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot with local delicacies and a small coffee shop is considered to be the most beautiful secession building in Pomurje. It was built in 1907 according to the plans of architect Ladislav Takač. On the corner of the building there is a mark to document the flood level in the year 1925.

Local and foreign visitors and guests are invited to refresh themselves with homemade fruit juices, wines and other local beverages, taste the traditional dessert Prekmurska gibanica and many other sweet or salty delicacies. In the shop one can buy delicious products from local farmers, especially those who have not yet entered large stores with their products, from dried meat products, pâtés, spreads, delicious homemade pralines and chocolates from two local chocolateries, to homemade jams and marmalades according to old recipes, dried fruits and of course the famous pumpkin oil, which is a special culinary speciality of the Pomurje region. In addition to comprehensive information that visitors receive in TIC (Tourist Information Center), one can also buy souvenirs and other beautiful items made by local craftsmen and artisans.

The event Skrito dvorišče (The Hidden Yard) behind Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot attracts many listeners of various music genres during the summer months.

We offer two tastings at the Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot:




  • Homemade bread in the old bread oven with pumpkin seed spread from the Cigüt farm, ham and liver paté from Passero farmhouse,
  • a piece of the dessert Prekmurje gibanica, tasting of traditionally and cold pressed pumpkin oil with homemade bread cubes,
  • product of the weekly promotion (gingerbread, pumpkin seeds, salty sticks or chocolate).



  • Includes tasting Falajček Prekmurje,
  • additional tasting of cured meats with homemade minced lard and patés,
  • tasting of quality wines.


Send us your request for a tasting at the Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot.

Slovenska ulica 41, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

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