Piece of Pomurje on a plate

Are you for a piece of Pomurje on a plate? Why not in the Expano pavilion, in the Expano Food & drink restaurant on the terrace by Soboško jezero. 
Here we are served the best that the treasury of Pomurje culinary creation has to offer. From great flavors of traditional dishes to bold culinary artwork. The smell of 
the home-made smell of baked bread in a bread oven, prepared from flour from Babič’s mill,  the taste of traditional “bograč” or beef in pumpkin oil “esigflajš” – priceless! And it is a sin not to try “langaš”, “koline”, “sour soup”, “dödole”, “retaše” or “Prekmurje-gibanica”, “Prlekija gibanica” or “tünka”.