TRIP TIP: 20 reasons to visit the region

The area from Ptuj, through Murska Sobota and Lendava to the regions of Porabje, Őrséga offers many points are worth visiting.



1. Castle in Goričko
2. The island of love Ižakovci
3. Church of the Lord’s Ascension Bogojina
4. City of Murska Sobota
5. Castle Rakičan
6. Expano
7. Soboško Lake
8. Lake Bukovnica
9.  Castle Negova
10. Jeruzalem
11. Lendava Theater Hall
12. Vinarium Tower
13. dispersed hotel Lendava
14. Tropical garden
15. Castle Lendava


Shoot from the Hungarian border:


16. Lake in the village of Csesztreg
17. Triangle
18. Atelier of the sculptor István Szervatiusz and his monument to the heroes
19. Lake Vadasa
20. Körmend Castle Park


The tips are just a part of a rich set of natural, cultural and other points located in the Slovenian-Hungarian area and are collected as part of the Guide2visit project.

The main goal of the GUIDE2VISIT project is to position, promote and sell the project area (on the Hungarian side mainly the provinces: Porabje, Őrség, Göcsej, Hetés, on the Slovenian side of the Lendava, Murska Sobota and Ptuj areas) and to present specific elements. natural and cultural heritage of individual areas, and supports the development of a single attraction, a complex product, all of which can become even more successful if, in addition to important products, further products that motivate travel or software packages are sold, containing a combination of different products.

The project area has so far not emerged as a single, common tourist destination, and as a result, the number of tourist visits and overnight stays is low in terms of tourist potential. The reason for this is that there is a lack of: stakeholder cooperation, attraction / service software packages, tourist positioning of the area and joint marketing.

Thus, the project partners in the project carried out promotion (fairs, online promotion, prize games, QR codes, application, etc.) and other activities that will contribute to the recognition of the area: construction of a bike path, education of local guides, info cards, adventure cards, directional signs on the highway, etc.

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The publication was created within the Guide2Visit project, which is implemented within the Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary Cooperation Program, with co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund.