Goričke iže – Luxury vintage houses

Križevci 216, 9206 Križevci, Slovenija

Goričke iže – Luxury vintage houses

25 minutes from Murska Sobota there is a series of renovated houses that are typical for the Goričko region.


In unspoiled nature in the heart of Križevci in Prekmurje, Slovenia, there are three beautiful houses, typical of the Goričko region: INDAŠNJA, VELBANA and KOMIŠKA. The inspiration for them was the way of building “just as before”; they were renovated with natural materials. KOMIŠKA IŽA is a new building made from HEMP.

The houses are all set in pristine nature among forests and rugged hills. If you listen very carefully, you can hear squirrels climbing trees and you may be surprised by a herd of deer scurrying past.

The apartments are the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to escape the hectic pace of everyday life into a world of peace, the beauty of silence and gorgeous nature. The houses offer a view of the garden and a green landscape of forests and mountains, and invite you on a trip to experience the cuisine and natural and cultural sights of Goričko. The houses are unique, built with a lot of love, hard work and patience.

They are designed for you to relax in: in the swimming pool in the summer months, in the sauna which is hidden in a renovated oak barrel, and in the peaceful surroundings without sound and light pollution.




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