Five day experience of the “jewel of Pomurje”


DAY 1: Experience the heart of Pomurje on a bike Experience Pomurje starts in Murska Sobota – in the heart of Pomurje. In Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot you will get all needed information for exploring and then you will hop on a bike and pedal through Murska Sobota roads. After sightseeing in Murska Sobota the map will drive you to Sobota lake near which is Pomurje’s newest attraction – Expano. Looking at nice landscape around the lake is a beauty in its own, but the best experience waits for you in Expano. There you will find out interesting story of Pomurje, nature and Pomurje places in a more innovative way. After Expano show and some workout on motoric park by the lake it is time to get some lunch. With full belly you can hop on a bike again and drive to Krog to Mura river and visit traditional ferry. Passing oxbow lake, you get to Rakičan where old mansion with stable in the middle of secret garden is. Park your bike and explore the past. After that find a coffee shop and enjoy in the beautiful view of majestic trees and noble animals. Invigorated with new energy drive back to Murska Sobota with the bike. After you finish your bike trip, taste one of many beers that postapocalyptic bar Bunker offers and enjoy in dinner in Murska Sobota centre or “pri Kodili” in Markišavci.

DAY 2: Explore Pomurje jewels hiding in Goričko hills After breakfast we go on trip to Goričko. First stop is mineral water spring in Nuskova where authentic Pomurje mineral water awaits. Trail leads you to highest Pomurje peak in Sotina where you will be admiring landscape of Slovenia-Austria border from watchtower. Then you will drive to Grad to Adventure Park Vulkanija where you will hear story of Oli the Mole and Goričko volcano that once erupted here. Explore the biggest castle in Slovenia called Grad. In afternoon hours you will go from Goričko to Moravske Toplice where you will swim in Pomurje thermal waters.

DAY 3: From symbol of Prekmurje to unforgettable terraces of Jeruzalem First stop waits for you in Beltinci where you will get to see picturesque church, park with interesting replicas of old bikes and castle like building with old pharmacy. Trip continues to Ižakovci to Otok ljubezni (love island) where there is floating mill and ferry. Prekmurje visit is not the same, if you do not float with a ferry from one side of Mura to the other. From Prekmurje you go to Prlekija where you stop in Ljutomer first and see city centre, square and church. From here you go up to heart of Ljutomer-Jeruzalem vineyards. This is one of the most picturesque lands in Slovenia – Jeruzalem terraces. After you park your car by Jeruzalem mansion you go on a short walk among vineyards. Walk to Svetinje and enjoy lunch with a view. When you come back to Jeruzalem mansion you can enjoy a glass of wine from one of surrounding wine cellars. Invigorated with new stamina return back to Moravske Toplice.

DAY 4: Suistanable walk along Pomurje Another active day waits for you. In Moravske Toplice you will rent a bike and with the help of a bus you will transport it to Lendava. There you can ride it through city center of Lendava and see theater-concert hall, synagogue, castle and old city houses that call for a photo or two to be taken there. After that there is a small climb to Lendava vineyards and the highest lookout tower in Slovenia. Your effort will be awarded with gorgeous view of surrounding vineyards and landscape of four different countries. When you drive back to Lendava, it is time for lunch. There is multitude of choices for lunch in European capital of bograč. Invigorated you ride a bike again this time to Dobrovnik where you will admire exotic plants and orchids in tropical garden. If time allows, you can stop to see Plečnik church in Bogojina (so called white dove of Bogojina) on your way back to Moravske Toplice. DAY 5: Inhale energy of Pomurje In the morning you can go to Selo to see hidden and humble, but picturesque Roman rotunda. Then your path leads you to chocolate shop Passero where you will find handmade chocolates that hide authentic Prekmurje taste in them. After that fairies/Rusalke hidden in beech forest wait for you near Bukovnica lake. There you will also find shrine, water spring and energy spots. While leaves rustle under your feet fill yourself with some new energy. Finish your visit of Pomurje by taking afternoon bath in healing waters in one of surrounding spas.   PRICE: from 319€/person INCLUDED:

  • Program organising
  • Sightseeing
  • Bike and helmet rental
  • Bus Moravske Toplice – Lendava and transport of bike (departure from M.T. at 9:12)
  • Entrance fee for Expano
  • Entrance fee for Adventure Park Vulkanija
  • Entrance fee for castle Grad
  • Entrance fee for castle pharmacy, Beltinci
  • Drive with ferry to Otok ljubezni
  • Entrance fee for Vinarium watchtower
  • Entrance fee for Tropical Garden Ocean Orchids
  • Entrance fee for spa (depending on your chosen accommodation)
  • 4x half board in chosen accommodation in Moravske Toplice (price is for double room for two persons)
  • Rotunda – entrance fee (around 2€)
  • Tourist tax


  • Morning coffee or juice in Hranilnica prekmursih dobrot
  • Lunch (price based on price list in chosen restaurant)
  • Drinks based on price lists
  • Parking for Bukovnica lake (around 2,5€)
  • One bed room

  Call +386 25341130 or sent us your request on and we will prepare and offer according to your wishes.

Slovenska ulica 41, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

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