“Reserve special experiences with your coworkers and business partners which will improve your collaboration and communication. We prepare different boutique team building programs which will stay with you forever. You will experience something that you would not have in your everyday life and you will leave Pomurje full of inspiration and ready to take on new challenges!”


We prepare one day or multiple day, different, boutique team building programs which will stay in your mind. We can also add motivational programs for team activities in our tourist packages. We have prepared two special team building programs that are being performed in Murska Sobota: “Vujdi vö iz Sobote” (Escape out of Sobota) and “Iskanje skrijtih zakladof Sobote” (Search of hidden treasures of Sobota).


Send us your request and we will prepare team building program according to your wishes or simply call us: +386 2 5341130.

Slovenska ulica 41, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

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