Be active on the lake – SOBOŠKO JEZERO

On the outskirts of Murska Sobota, next to the EXPANO pavilion, we are pampered by a natural lake, which offers many possibilities.

Whether you decide to just walk around the lake or surf, Soboško Lake will not disappoint you! It always happens by the lake. Rent a boat or kayak, try a sup or surf. Surfing in Prekmurje is also an unforgettable adventure. What about sunbathing or swimming? Soboško Lake also offers you this option.

Exercise park

You can test your motor skills on as many as 35 different devices of the exercise park by Lake Soboško jezero. There are just enough of them to keep you busy and excited for hours.

Bike rental

Would you perhaps get to know the beauties of the city’s surroundings by bike? There are several bikes available, for the whole family, even with child seats. You can get more information about renting at the Regional Tourist Information Center in EXPANO.


* Soboško Lake does not yet have the status of bathing water, so it bathes and swims in it solely at its own risk.