Restaurant and accommodation Čarda

Nemčavci 39c, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

Restaurant and accommodation Čarda

»Čarda.« To provide a hospitable, homely, and friendly atmosphere to the hungry and thirsty, travelers or locals – to anyone in need of a rest right here at the crossroads.

Right at the crossroads between the hilly and lowland country of Prekmurje you encounter, on the loneliness, Restaurant and accommodation Čarda.

The isolated location offers wonderful views of the landscape which will entangle you with its free spirit. You can take some time off in the stylish rooms and enjoy the beautiful moments in life, which you can spend together with us.

Take a walk in the well kept picnic-park and enjoy watching the kids play on the playground while you indulge in a culinary delight on the shady terrace.


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