Murska Sobota – for a green future

In the Municipality of Murska Sobota, we have decided that the city will follow the planned path – to become the green capital of the region, driven by green energy in a healthy environment, both for life and for work.



We have made a very important step towards achieving the set goals by deciding to join the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism – SLOVENIA GREEN DESTINATION. Among other things, we signed the Green commitment on our event “Jesenska igriva ulica”.  We conducted an extensive survey (residents, visitors and representatives of the tourism industry). The a team of various experts and employees of the municipality made an extensive analysis of the situation in the destination, which confirmed the need to prepare a Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Municipality of Murska Sobota. The result is, among other things, a contract with an external expertise who will prepare the strategy by September 2022.



On the website visitmurskasobota (as on social networks) we regularly inform the public about activities and green news in the destination. By sending an emails “green news” we want to bring “green” information closer to the public and the tourism industry. We kept them informed about the activities on geting SLOVENIA GREEN label, Green Key of Gostilna Rajh, green projects such as GreenReg, Bioditur, GoinNature, green installations in the city, new drinking fountains, the purchase of e-scooters and bicycles, etc.



The Municipality of Murska Sobota also follows sustainable guidelines when planning projects. We are proud that in a year full of uncertainty we were able to complete the sustainable renovation of the city center. With the renovation, we got a street friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. At the same time, we planted additional trees during the renovation of roads and bicycle paths, and water drinking fountains were arranged in several places (also in the new square in front of the Catholic Church). In 2021, we completed the replacement of all street lamps (energy efficient), many bike lanes were provided with lighting.  An e-bench has been added during the renovation of the parking lots in front of the Health Center. We are proud to be among the three municipalities (of 27) that have more than 60% of separately collected waste fractions. In 2021, we obtained the first Green Key (Gostilna Rajh), Expano Interactive Park is in the process of being acquired. When organizing events in the city, we make sure that food and drink providers sell in sustainable packaging.



The Municipality of Murska Sobota is a destination of short and safe routes that are accessible to all. The destination offers residents and visitors a network of quality bicycle connections, which are constantly expanding into settlements, excellent walking conditions, attractive public suburban passenger transport and urban passenger transport Sobočanec, Avant2Go vehicle sharing system, Prostofer call transport and Soboški biciklin bicycle sharing system. Soboški biciklin have additional stations outside the city in recent years. In 2021, the RESPONSIBUS activity was launched, which enables free transport of visitors of the surrounding spas to events in Murska Sobota. Mobility planning is subordinated to the realization of the vision of creating better sustainable transport areas, especially for pedestrians, cyclists and the physically and sensory impaired, and at the same time creating a better living environment. We are proud to have disabled access to all public buildings and tourist attractions.



The destination will continue to promote the sustainable development of tourism. In addition to the already established activities, also by preparing strategic documents such as the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in MOMS 2022-2027, monitoring indicators, promoting sustainability not only to the population but also to the private sector, etc.

A green destination is environmentally and socially responsible, which can only be achieved together – all stakeholders in the destination, in the public, non-governmental and private sectors – not only in tourism, but in all areas of activity.

Murska Sobota, 30.12.2021