ANALYSIS – GREEN MURSKA SOBOTA – on the way to the finish line

In the Municipality of Murska Sobota, they decided to join the t.i. “Green municipalities”, of which there are already a good number in Slovenia.

The Municipality of Murska Sobota is currently in the phase of implementing activities for inclusion among the green destinations of Slovenia – Slovenia Green Destination. While the green team coordinated by the Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sports Murska Sobota is still collecting data and preparing all the necessary documentation and answers to questions to be assessed by the Slovenian Tourist Board, it has already gathered the opinions of many locals – citizens of the Municipality Murska Sobota and visitors from other places, regions and countries.


The citizen questionnaire was completed by 270 citizens.


67% of participants say they are satisfied with the development of tourism in the municipality and just as many are satisfied with the work of the Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sports Murska Sobota.

As many as 88% of participants say that tourism provides better opportunities for leisure (events, recreation ().

66% of them are convinced that tourism in our destination takes sufficient care of preserving nature and culture, and 82% believe that the local community benefits from tourism and tourists who visit us.

The questionnaire intended for visitors was completed by 386 visitors from Slovenia and 27 foreigners who visited Murska Sobota.

While more than 60% of them still use a car for travel, some of them still use electric cars, and 31% of respondents used a sustainable form of transport (bicycle, electric bicycle, public transport or they walked).

Visitors come to Murska Sobota mostly for the purpose of visiting cultural and natural sights, learning about local cuisine, rest and recreation.

As many as 85% of respondents welcome the many cycling opportunities in the region, feeling safe and welcome here.

90% of respondents drank tap water without any worries during the visit, and 80% were satisfied that there are enough places in the destination to separate waste.

Some respondents otherwise miss the better signage and more public transport or. information on this and what charging station for electric cars more.

We also asked the representatives of the tourist industry in the municipality for their opinion. 14 of them participated (caterers, accommodation providers,…).

45% of participants regularly monitor energy consumption from various sources (electricity, gas, district heating…) and implement measures to reduce energy consumption (sealing windows and doors, sensors for turning on / off lights, LED lighting, automatic shutdown of air conditioning with open windows and doors , use of thermostatic valves on radiators…).

82% of them separate waste in accordance with the instructions of the municipality or utility company.

More than half of the participants prefer local growers and producers as much as possible, and 73% are aware of the potential consequences of climate change for tourism in our destination.

And some more sustainable actions that participants are already implementing:

  • cooling system that uses groundwater for cooling,
  • energy saving light bulbs,
  • washing only those towels in the hotel rooms that guests throw on the floor,
  • temperature regulators – the temperature was reduced from 22 to 20 degrees Celsius (in winter) and – increased by a few degrees Celsius in summer,
  • opening and closing the door only at the entrance to or. leaving the building,
  • light switch sensors
  • shading in the summer months,
  • use of energy efficient household appliances.