Murska Sobota – a youth-friendly municipality!

The municipality of Murska Sobota applied to the public call for the Youth-friendly municipality certificate awarded by the Institute for Youth Policy from Ajdovščina and proved in the application that it systematically regulates the area of ​​horizontal and vertical youth policies in the local community and obtained the Youth-friendly municipality certificate for period from 2022 to 2026! The Youth Friendly Municipality certificate is a recognition of self-governing local communities that successfully implement measures in the field of youth policies. By obtaining the certificate, the municipality, which has already proven to be successful in its work in the field of youth, undertakes to continue systematically regulating the field of youth and to raise or maintain the level of efficiency over a four-year period.

The priority areas in which the Murska Sobota Municipality implements measures in the field of youth policy are:


  • planned treatment of the field of youth
  • youth participation
  • organizing young people
  • informing young people
  • youth employment
  • youth education
  • housing policy
  • youth mobility
  • joint youth and municipal projects at the level of youth policies


In the European Year of Youth, when various institutions strive to achieve mutual synergy in programs aimed at young people, we also in the Murska Sobota Municipality paid extra attention to activities for young people. For this purpose, we have prepared an action plan containing activities and events aimed at young people and their participation, which we actively implement throughout the year together with public institutions, associations, clubs and other institutions and individuals. We have divided the action plan into 8 key thematic chapters, which we believe are of most concern to young people, namely: entertainment and free time, sports, education, employment, the field of infrastructure and digitization, housing issues, political participation and activities of institutions.


Young people thus actively participate and take responsibility for their own future and for the future of society in general.


Murska Sobota, 23.9.2022