Pomurje Museum – a dog-friendly museum

On the International Museum Day, 18 May, the Association of Slovenian Museums in cooperation with the Kennel Club of Slovenia introduced new signs Dog-friendly Museum and Dog-Accessible Museum, which will acquaint visitors with the possibility of visiting museums with their canine friends. The Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota, located in the Murska Sobota Castle, has acquired the Dog-Friendly Museum label.


Dog friendly museum

A museum where dogs can enter but have to wait at designated areas. The museum provides water for the dogs and some treats, and the owner is sure that the dog is waiting in a secure space.


Dog accessible museum


A museum where dogs can accompany their owners while visiting all the exhibition areas. The museum also provides designated area with water and some treats for the dogs, and if the owner wishes so, the dog can also wait at the designated area.