Restaurant Rajh co-creates the green story of sustainable tourism in Murska Sobota

The Family Rajh decided to upgrade their existing GREEN POLICY, formally integrate it into their business and check their sustainable operations through international standards, in a way that implements or. are verified through the certification process for obtaining the GREEN KEY sustainability certificate – for catering establishments and subsequently the Slovenia Green – GREEN CUISINE certificate.

The green key is the environmental / sustainable label, the leading standard of excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry. This prestigious eco-label means the commitment of companies to comply with the strict criteria set by the International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in certified facilities.

Environmental / Sustainable Label The Green Key assures all guests that by choosing a certified tourist facility, they are directly contributing to the protection of the environment. Establishments – holders of this sign, maintain high environmental standards, as evidenced by strict documentation and frequent inspections.