HIKING – Green path in Murska Sobota

Soboška zelena pout (Green path through  Murska Sobota park), a circular promenade that connects the city center with green areas on the outskirts of the city, leads through the park in Murska Sobota. We start a walk or cycling trip in front of the Murska Sobota Provincial and Study Library on Zvezna ulica, continue through the city park to the Fazanerija forest with a tennis court and the Fazanerija football stadium to the Ledava river relief canal, to the main road connection between Markišavci and Murska Sobota. We return to the city along one of the many park paths past the Evangelical Church and the pub in the Zvezda Hotel (formerly the Dobray Hotel).


And another tip – from the city to the outskirts


From the city center we continue to the outskirts of the city where the former degraded area stretches Soboško Lake, around which we can walk (8 km) or see a unique modern architectural creation – the EXPANO pavilion, located by the lake. The facility, which was at the fair in Milan in 2015, has been rising next to Lake Soboča since April 2019 and offers a superb interactive, virtual experience. In the exhibition part of the pavilion, we get to know the Pomurje region from different, rather surprising angles through several thematic points. At the same time, the pavilion houses a local inn and a Regional TIC. Next to the building is Soboško Lake, which is a real paradise for lovers of nature, sports adrenaline on and by the water.



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