A new local electric bicycle rental system has been launched, it will be merged with the system “Soboški biciklin”

The newly established system Prleški bicikl” will be combined with the already existing system “Soboški biciklin” into the regional system “Pomurje bike”.

In the Local Action Group of Prlekija, within the framework of the Bicycle Chain in the Countryside project, an automated rental system of ordinary and electric bikes, the “Prleški bicikl”, was established.

This allows users to rent a bike at a low price at a selected station in Ljutomer, Veržej or Banovci and return it to the same or another station.

Together with LAS Goričko 2020 and LAS Pri dobrih ljudeh 2020, through the existing system “Soboški biciklin”, they are planning to connect to the regional system “Pomurje bike”, which will enable users to borrow and return bicycles in as many as nine Pomurje municipalities, at 19 stations.

At the event in Banovci, they presented various bicycle rental systems, types of e-bikes and related employment opportunities, as well as modern electrically powered disability equipment.


The key goal is to connect

The three local action groups LAS Prlekija, LAS Goričko 2020 and LAS Pri dobrih ljudeh 2020 presented a new rental system for ordinary and electric bicycles in Banovci.

While in LAS Goričko 2020 the already functioning “Soboški biciklin” system was upgraded with new additional stations, a completely new system was established in Prlekija, which was named “Prleški bicikl”.

Users will be able to rent a bike at a good price at one of the four stations, two in Ljutomer, at the Veržej Tourist Information Center and at Terme Banovci. To rent an ordinary or electric bicycle, the user will pay five euros for a day or 15 euros for an annual rental.


Registration in the system will be required


Before that, the user will have to register, which can be done in two ways. The first is via the MOBILN.SI smartphone application, and the second is for the user to come in person at the headquarters of TIC Ljutomer or TIC Veržej, where they receive a card upon registration.

He then picks up the bike at the selected station and returns it to the same or one of the other stations. Find out all the details at this link.

The newly established Prleški bike system will merge with the already existing “Soboški biciklin”system into the already mentioned regional system “Pomurje bike”. Thus, nine municipalities will be included in the Pomurje regional bicycle rental system: Ljutomer, Veržej, Murska Sobota, Puconci, Moravske Toplice, Tišina, Beltinci, Turnišče and Velika Polana, in which a total of nineteen stations are currently set up.


Great emphasis is also placed on a green future


The project strengthens the development of daily, recreational and tourist cycling, so it is expected that it will have positive effects on the economy, tourism and on the visibility and attractiveness of the area.

The connection of all stakeholders and the sustainable management of natural and cultural resources in Pomurje is crucial for a green future. Affordability compared to car transport will increase mobility and accessibility to areas even for more vulnerable groups in an environmentally sustainable way.