Experience Pomurje starts in Murska Sobota – in the heart of Pomurje. In Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot you will get all needed information for exploring and then you will hop on a bike and pedal through Murska Sobota roads. After sightseeing in Murska Sobota the map will drive you to Sobota lake near which is Pomurje’s newest attraction – Expano. Looking at nice landscape around the lake is a beauty in its own, but the best experience waits for you in Expano. There you will find out interesting story of Pomurje, nature and Pomurje places in a more innovative way. After Expano show and some workout on motoric park by the lake it is time to get some lunch. With full belly you can hop on a bike again and drive to Krog to Mura river and visit traditional ferry. Passing oxbow lake, you get to Rakičan where old mansion with stable in the middle of secret garden is. Park your bike and explore the past. After that find a coffee shop and enjoy in the beautiful view of majestic trees and noble animals. Invigorated with new energy drive back to Murska Sobota with the bike. After you finish your bike trip, taste one of many beers that postapocalyptic bar Bunker offers and enjoy in dinner in Murska Sobota centre or “pri Kodili” in Markišavci.


Suitable for up to 38 people.


The program includes:

  • organizing program,
  • sightseeing,
  • bike and helmet rental,
  • entrance fee for Expano.


Additional payment (optional):

  • morning coffee or juice in Hranilnica prekmursih dobrot,
  • lunch (price based on price list in chosen restaurant),
  • drink based on price list in Bunker,
  • dinner,
  • touring bike guide.


Information and reservations:

+386 2 534 11 30



Call +386 2 534 11 30 or sent us your request on www.visitmurskasobota.si and we will prepare and offer according to your wishes.

Slovenska ulica 41, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

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