Car sharing – AVANT2GO


The municipality of Murska Sobota is participating in the Avant2Go vehicle-sharing project, which is a reflection of one of the biggest global trends – the sharing economy. It is based on users’ mobility patterns, which show that an owner’s vehicle sits idle for an average of 92% of the time, all of which costs the owner.

Sharing a vehicle, which replaces ownership, lowers individual mobility costs by more than 50%. Avant2Go allows users to reserve, activate and use vehicles when they need them and pay for them only when they are used, via their smartphones.

In Murska Sobota, we have 100% electric BMW, Renault, Smart and Nissan vehicles included in the system, which do not produce harmful emissions while driving and contribute to sustainable efforts. Sharing begins in the center on Slovenska Street, where the main city action is, as well as daily migrations and the concentration of people.


How does Avant2Go work?

  1. Become an Avant2Go member. Pay the registration fee (one-time fee). Advertise in our office.
  2. Reserve a vehicle. Easily with the iOS or Android mobile app. Select the desired location. Unlock the selected vehicle and drive away.
  3. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy driving with 100% electric vehicles. BMW i3, Volkswagen Golf, Renault ZOE, Smart ForTwo and Smart ForFour. No noise and no emissions.


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