Murska Sobota – a place of events and rest

Homeliness, hospitality and tradition are what convince every traveler in Pomurje. Part of this can be experienced by walking through the town of Murska Sobota, which is due to its location and role in the region, the heart of Pomurje. Murska Sobota is a small town, with a big heart, huge green areas and hospitable corners that will not leave you indifferent. The city center is imbued with buildings from the Art Nouveau era and in the most beautiful of them we find the Prekmurje delicacies Savings Bank. A nice shop of original Prekmurje gastronomic products combines a shop, a tasting room and the Tourist Information Center. Here you can buy a handicraft souvenir, taste home-made delicacies from the hands of hard-working, local growers and get comprehensive information about Murska Sobota and its surroundings. Not only can we buy delicious pumpkin spread, a variety of jams, excellent chocolate of original combinations, delicious gingerbread, traditional and cold pressed pumpkin oil, we can also arrange or book trips, experiences, culinary pampering in the city and region and rent a bike.



In the spring and summer months, the city comes to life with many outdoor events such as POMADNI SEJEM (April), JUICY FORK (street culinary festival May-September), SOBOŠ SUMMER (July, August), HIDDEN COURTYARD (July, August), DOBOŠKI June) and SLADKO PREKMURJE (June). Murska Sobota, thanks to the FRONTA dance festival at the end of August, is becoming the dance capital on the edge of the country. At the beginning of September, the culinary event is enriched by the PREKMURSKA HAM AND GIBANICA FESTIVAL and the GOURMET OVER MURA event. Many events continue in the autumn with the traditional craft and handicraft fairs TREJZINO SENJE (October) and MIKLOŠEVO SENJE (November). The town is home to the CENTRAL POMURSKA MARTINOVANJE and MARTINOV POHOD (November). Outdoor events reach their peak with the HOLIDAY DECEMBER ON SATURDAY (December). At that time, the ice rink in the town impresses with its unique view of Soboča Castle and the Evangelical Church. The intoxicating smell of festive food and drinks caresses us at the ice rink. The year ends with OUTDOOR NEW YEAR’S EVE.


A walk through Murska Sobota is like pampering on a tray with traditional home-made and uniquely modern flavors. Home-made delicacies such as Prekmurje gibanica or bograč in a traditional cauldron can be enjoyed under centuries-old wild chestnuts, in the former Dobray casino, today’s Zvezda hotel and restaurant. Across the street, the Bunker postapocalyptic steampunk bar took us into the postapocalyptic future. We feel the unique style in the entire interior, and on the plate we are convinced by gourmet burgers in the company of a beer set from all over the world, glazed ribs or other, also vegan specialties, inspired by world cuisines.

Just a good five minutes walk from the city center, we visit the family restaurant Uno, where we are greeted by homeliness and excellent taste in a pleasant ambience. Only 15 minutes by bike from the city center and we are already in the middle of the maturing room of local Prekmurje hams. Kodila ham shop, delicatessen and Gourmet Meet Meat restaurant offer us a walk through the family story of three generations. Let’s indulge in the smell of home-made meats, home-made traditional dishes and steak prepared especially for us.