Pomurje, a paradise for cyclists

Whether you have heard a lot about Pomurje or know almost nothing about it, while cycling through this Pomurje region, you will discover step by step the rich history of the region, its culture, nature and people.

We invite you to go on a cycling exploration of the charming world of Pomurje. Take them along the roads of Goričko, which are perfect for cycling exploring the hidden rural and cultural pearls of Prekmurje, explore the world along the Mura, or refresh yourself in one of the many wine shops.

Take a ride on one of the many marked cycling routes, which can also be found on the cycling maps that you receive in our TIC on Slovenska ulica 41, and indulge in the melody of the Pomurje region.

And if you do not have your own bike, the Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sports Murska Sobota offers you 40 bikes, different sizes and with child seats, if necessary. Stop at the Regional TIC in Expano or in the city center, at Slovenska ulica 41, in the Savings Bank of Prekmurje delicacies and rent a bike to discover the beauties: from the hustle and bustle of the city to the beauties of Goričko.