Colorful sky over Murska Sobota

This year in Murska Sobota Hotairballoon Open National Championship 2020
From 27 August to 1 September, the Slovenian Open National Championship Murska Sobota 2019 will take place in Rakičan Castle and at the airport in Murska Sobota, with 40 teams from 17 countries applying. This year’s competition is a prelude to the upcoming World Hot Air Ballooning Championships, which Slovenia will host from 19 to 26 September 2020 at the same location. The World Hot Air Ballooning Championships have been held every two years since 1973.

The organizer of the World Ballooning Championship in Murska Sobota is the Roto Ballooning Club, together with the Municipality of Murska Sobota, the Aviation Association of Slovenia and the Aeroclub Murska Sobota.

Visitors can view the program on the official HOTAIRBALLOONS2020 website.

Especially interesting for visitors:

Thursday, August 27 at about 6.00 and at 18.oo balloon takeoff (Rakičan, airport)
Friday, August 28 – Gas balloons will be filled in front of the Expano pavilion from 10:00 onwards.
Friday, August 28 – Opening ceremony at Expan at 5 p.m.
Friday, 28 August: Take-off of gas balloons – In the evening, presumably at 22:00, gas balloons will take off from the Expano pavilion in Murska Sobota for the first time in the history of Slovenia.