Green stories of Danube

The Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sport is involved in the creation of new Danube stories with the European project Transdanube Travel Stories.

The Danube region is rich in cultural and natural heritage. Whereas there are already many initiatives dealing with conservation and research, the project recognises sustainable tourism as another important option to use and preserve this heritage. European Cultural Routes and the other networks represented in this project set the first steps to valorise these assets in that direction.

Recognizing the vast cultural and natural heritage, the project Transdanube Travel Stories aims at supporting sustainable tourism in the Danube region by implementing innovative promotion concepts (new narratives) and sustainable mobility management tools.

  •  The development of new narratives is the strategy to promote the Danube macro-region as a touristic area. Single sites do not attract tourists, but linking selected sites to a story (along a trail) that can be experienced will create interest and lead to a Danube memory.
  • The integration of mobility management instruments (mobility managers, mobility centres, mobility plans) in institutional structures at route and destination level will make it easier for tourists to experience the new narratives by using environmentally-friendly means of transport and therefore limit the negative, transport-related consequences of raising tourist numbers.
  • The establishment of tourism product clubs at destination level and improved thematic and institutional linkages between the European Cultural Routes and other networks will strengthen the cooperation between the key actors and will increase their capacities to promote sustainable tourism in the Danube region.


As part of the project, six stories were created, which are the basis for six thematic cultural routes. Pomurje is also part of the three routes, namely in route #3: FOLLOWING THE PATHS OF THE ROMANS, Ptuj is located with its rich historical city.

Murska Sobota and Lendava are also part of route #4: ART, CULTURE AND ARCHITECTURE. The towns of Murska Sobota, Lendava and Jerusalem are included in the story of route #6: THE DANUBE FOR THE SOUL.


Various bloggers set out to discover thematic routes, who will experience a part of each route and, of course, present it to the general public with the help of social tools.

From July 28 to July 30, the two bloggers will discover route #6 at locations in Pomurje. Among other things, they will visit 5 churches in Györ, visit museums in Budapest, go cycling, get to know Soboška Lake, EXPANO Interactive Adventure Park, Jewish Heritage in Murska Sobota, see Lendava and the Vinarium tower, etc.


More about the project and the resulting stories HERE.