Virtual walk through Murska Sobota

In times when we are exploring more Slovenian tourist places, let yourself be impressed by the heart of Pomurje – Murska Sobota, through a virtual walk. Murska Sobota is much more than just a small city. It may be small, but it hides many interesting corners just waiting to be explored. Now you can do that through computer or mobile phone. 


For all of you that would like to visit Murska Sobota, you may now discover the most interesting corners of Murska Sobota and make your wishlist on where to go, when you actually visit Murska Sobota. The most interesting points on a virtual walk may inspire you to visit Pomurje, one of the most beautiful regions in Slovenia.


For all of us who are already familiar with Murska Sobota, we can discover sights, history and interesting corners worth checking out. 


Let’s explore Murska Sobota in a safe way from the comfort of our home HERE