Councilors approved an action plan to promote the development of sustainable tourism

In June, the city councilors were presented with a proposal for an action plan of measures to promote the development of sustainable tourism in the destination of Murska Sobota for the period 2022-2024. In the Municipality of Murska Sobota, which received the bronze sign, the recipients of the Slovenia Green sign are Expano and Gostilna Rajh. Darja Potočnik explained at the meeting that the sign confirms that the municipality is working in the right direction of green sustainable development, and that it also provides a development opportunity for the municipality and its tourist offer. But it is also a commitment to further measures, further sustainable orientations and the development of high-quality and innovative tourism products with high added value, which set us apart from other destinations. By obtaining this sign, the mentioned action plan of measures to promote the development of sustainable tourism must be adopted. The green scheme of Slovenian tourism is a national certification program. All efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia are united under the umbrella brand Slovenia Green. It is a quality certificate with which we meet the requirements in the field of sustainable tourism. At the same time, it is a tool for evaluating and improving sustainable operations. The obtained mark is not permanent, as it is valid for three years and must be renewed. She also explained that a tourism development strategy is also being developed.

Natalija Kreft from the Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sport Murska Sobota then said that last year they carried out an inventory of the situation in the destination, carried out surveys and analysis of impacts and upon confirmation and receipt of the sign received guidelines for the preparation of an action plan. This is a collection of tasks and reminders, to which the destination must pay additional attention in three years. It is divided into six chapters and is constantly updated. The goals that must be implemented in order to maintain the Slovenia Green label are listed. A green coordinator and members of the green team were appointed and met several times. Last September, they signed the Green Covenant. Among other things, they prepared an extensive document with an analysis of the situation with the positive and negative impacts of tourism on the destination. She explained that we are good in the categories culture and tradition and nature and landscape, and we were also successful in the social climate. Challenges await us in the field of health and safety.


The action plan can be found HERE.


Murska Saturday, July 5, 2022