The green habits of our city

Even when planting new trees, we thought sustainably. From larger roof areas on Slovenska ulica, rainwater is collected in a separate storm sewer and then collected in rainwater collectors. From here it then passively drips to several nearby trees. In the event of heavy downpours, any excess rainwater overflows into the local sinkhole, where it disappears on the spot. All intercepted rainwater no longer burdens the sewage network in the city center. In addition, watering bags are installed on the trees, which drip water the new trees. In this way, with the same amount of water used, a greater benefit for the trees is achieved. Watering bags are expected to be operational by the end of the summer. Planted trees will provide pleasant shade, green street color and cleaner air in the city.


Slovenia is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. The Good Country Index ranks it fourth among 154 countries in terms of its positive contribution to the planet and the climate.


“Z BICIKLINON SAN V VARAŠ PRIŠO” = I came to the city by bike.


There are more and more destinations and providers that are included in the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism – SLOVENIA GREEN. The Municipality of Murska Sobota is also in the process of obtaining the label. Among other things, Murska Sobota has a vision of a sustainable city and places great emphasis on sustainable urban transport. “Symbolically, on the first day of spring, we set up an old bicycle at the Tourist Information Center with a sustainable message in the local dialect. With this we want to encourage passers-by to use the bicycle several times to come to the city. Also along Slovenska ulica, installations with a bicycle and green planting encourage locals to think green. Under the slogan OUR GREEN HABITS, we will continue to address and encourage people to operate sustainably. ”


“SOBOTA, LEJPA SI KAK ĐÜNČ”  = Murska Sobota, you are beautiful.


Green habits

You also have some green habits. Use public transport while wandering, and explore new places on foot or by bike. To keep the water in Slovenia clean and drinkable, use a bottle suitable for multiple refills, thus avoiding the constant purchase of bottles. Help maintain the richness of water resources and choose a short shower instead of a bath and turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Separate waste and do not throw it into nature. Conquer green habits and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Every individual is important!


“IDEVA PEŠKI ALI Z BICIKLINON?” = Are we going on foot or by bike?

Murska Sobota, May 18, 2021