Research shows that among the collected e-waste there are 2% of still working devices, therefore the company ZEOS, d.o.o. for this purpose, it sets up corners for reuse throughout Slovenia.
At the beginning of June 2022, such a corner was officially put into use at the Murska Sobota Collection Center together with Saubermacher Komunala d.o.o.

On this occasion, the directors of Saubermacher Komunala d.o.o. Drago Dervarič, as a representative of the local partner of the project and deputy mayor Bernardka Ružič on behalf of the municipality of Murska Sobota, signed a special document in which we in the municipality committed ourselves to a common goal – to collect as many devices as possible that can be handed over for reuse.

Appliances that are functional and suitable for reuse are collected in the corners: white goods – washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, small household appliances, entertainment electronics – radios, speakers, LCD televisions and monitors, lamps, computer equipment and tools for the home and garden; in short, all devices that operate on electricity or batteries.

All citizens are invited to visit the location of the yellow corner, bring your still working device and make sure it gets a new owner!


Murska Sobota, June 8, 2022