Meet Meat & Eat – a story about meat worthy of your time

You need to take your time when it comes to a good steak. Learn how a delicious steak is made, from dry ageing to grilling over an open fire in the company of a seasoned chef at the renowned ham producer in Prekmurje. Become a master of steak cooking and, together with the resident chef prepare a gourmet feast, where every bite will be unforgettable.

Co-create your gourmet experience

Steak preparation starts with meat selection. On the terrace of the acclaimed ham producer in Prekmurje, resident chefs will first explain how pieces of beef from their ageing facilities are dry aged. You will also learn about the native breeds of Krškopolje and Mangalica pigs. After you have learned everything about dry ageing, you will have the opportunity to test your steak grilling skills over an open fire under the watchful eye of the chef. Do you prefer vegetables? Don’t worry! You can also create vegetarian meals made of home‑grown organic vegetables. When your masterpieces are ready, sit down at the table and indulge in the culinary creations.

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Discover the secrets of top quality steaks

Become an aged meat connoisseur and a master of steak cooking with the help of the resident chefs of the acclaimed Prekmurje ham farm, Daniel Sukič and Boštjan Lačen:

Murska Sobota, 7.12.2021